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2005 Schedule

April 2, 2005
The 20th Anniversary of "NPC Vancouver USA Natural Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships. Located at Sky View High School Auditorium. Craig and I will be performing for Cytodyne & Pinnacle. For more info contact Bohm Productions at 360-887-8558.

April 23, 2005
The "Showdown on Clearwater" Bodybuilding Competition, located in Lewiston, Idaho at the Redlion Hotel. Craig and I will be performing.

May 14, 2005
Contra Costa Bodybuilding and Fitness Champioships - VIBE TRIBE will be performing! 

June 5-6, 2005
The Bullman Bodybuilding Classic located in Limerick, Ireland. Craig and I will both be guest performing as well as conducting our "Beauty and the Beast Seminar."

August 13, 2005

The Total Package Natural B.B. and Figure Competition at the University of Central Oklahoma located in Edmond OK, inside the Constitutional Hall Bldg. Craig and I will both be performing. For more info call Darrell Terrell at 405-474-2307.

December 9 & 10, 2005
Shawn Ray’s Muscle Camp UAE 2005. This event will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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